7 hidden benefits of Curry leaves you need to know

Curry leaves or Kadi Patta is an Asian specialty and essential ingredient of Pakistani cuisines. Apart from its ravishing fragrance and greenery that it adds to the dishes, this small herb I packed with several minerals and vitamins and provide abundant health benefits.

Curry leaves

 Curry leaves are used in many different ways, cooked or dried, usually sprinkled from the top. It was originally grown in India, however, with its striking aroma; it travelled throughout the world and is now used in many different countries for both culinary and medicinal purposes.

Below are some amazing health benefits this mini green herb provides:

1 Antioxidant properties:

Curry leaves, because of their plant nature are rich in various plant substances like alkaloids, glycosides, alpha-terpinene and phenolic compounds etc. These compounds act as antioxidants and help in eliminating oxidative stress.

Moreover, animal studies have shown that:

“Curry leaf extract may help protect against induced oxidative damage of the nervous system, heart, brain, and kidneys.”

2 Helps in weight loss:

Curry leaf, either taken raw or cooked promotes weight loss. Carbazole alkaloids of Curry leaf functions against obesity and weight gain. In addition, it also helps in reducing cholesterol levels of the body hence aiding weight loss.

Curry leaves

3 Curry leaves effective in constipation and diarrhea:

Curry leaf help in treating various digestive tract disorders like constipation and diarrhea as they promote bowel movements. It also increase digestive enzyme’s secretion. Note that Curry leave should be consumed in an empty stomach for such purpose.

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4 Beneficial for eyesight:

Curry leaves are packed with Vitamin A thus promotes good eyesight. Moreover, this aromatic leaf also prevents cataract.

5 Curry leaves and diabetes:

Curry leaf is good for diabetic patients as it is proven to decrease blood glucose levels. With presence of certain elements like copper, zinc, iron etc, they provides shield to insulin producing cells.

6 Healing purposes:

Curry leaf paste is proven effective in treating wounds like skin burns, boils and bruises.

Grind some curry leaves with water, making a thick paste and apply on wounds. Carbazole alkaloid brings out their healing nature.    

7 Curry leaves in pregnancy:

Curry leaf when eaten raw accelerates the working of digestive enzymes in pregnant women and helps in treating morning sickness, nausea and vomiting.

To conclude, Curry leaves might be mini herbs we add to our dishes for its soothing flavors, aroma or greenery, but it also contain some magic ingredients that are health friendly.

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