Depression, a silent killer for teens & young adults

Depression is a mental health disorders that can target anyone, at any year of age, making them question their own existence.


Depression is a psychological illness related to mood, characterized by constant state of sadness, loneliness, anger issues and lack of interest in everyday activities. It can be called a “silent killer” as it messes with the brain, affecting physical, emotional as well as behavioral health. The person feels abandoned, neglected and prefers solitude.

Depression also has serious effects on dietary intake; the person develops this gut-wrenching feeling, unable to eat properly, hence causing body weakness.

There is no age limit to this life-threatening disorder. It can happen to anyone anytime; however, teens and young adults are most likely to be effected.

Causes of Depression:

This disorder relates to state of mind. A person going through any unsettling condition can develop depression. It could be related to job, relationships, any chronic illness or even family history.

Depression in teens and young adults

Nevertheless, depression in teens and young adults is much worse. The age 14-29 is a very tough phase of life, especially in this modern era. Young people developmental disorders more spontaneously than older ones and most common causes are:

Bullying, any childhood trauma, failure, academic pressure, relationships, poverty, parental disputes, being left out, being cheated on, injustice and so much more.

As a result, the children starts fading away from life, prefers loneliness, develop personality disorders and become drug addicts.

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Symptoms of Depression:

Depression is a serious mental illness, with notable symptoms and still goes overlooked. Symptoms include:

 Annoyed personality, lack of physical activities, anger issues, low self-esteem, need for excessive reassurance, fear of failure, lack of participation at school, home and among friends, hopeless feelings, over thinking, guilt over past experiences, self-blame, loss of appetite, weight loss, tiredness, slowed movements, lack of communication, frequent body aches, drug use, self-harm and frequent thoughts of death and suicide.



As presumed by majority population, this fatal mental illness has nothing to do with will power. It cannot be subdued until treated like a disease. The treatment includes anti-depressant pills, counseling sessions, depression therapy and proper attention to your child.

According to a study, 450 Million people worldwide are suffering from mental disorders, depression being the most common of them. Analysis from previous year shows, that suicide because of depression is the “second leading cause of death” in most of the countries.

Depressed people do not crave death, attentiveness is what they crave. Recognition, affection, compliments, and friendliness are what they crave. Being able to live a stress-free life is what they crave. Above all, Peace of mind is the only thing they ask for. So provide them. Look after people around you. Help them survive!

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