5 effective tips for Headache Relief without medication

Medications might be the most convenient method for headache relief. However, their frequent use could have negative effects and be harmful to your body. For such minor things like headaches, medications should not be the priority choice. Hence there are some natural remedies for headache relief that are proven effective against severe headaches.

Headache relief
Headache relief without medication

Headaches could be a result of some health problem. Nevertheless, majority are caused by stress, tension, lack of sleep and over-work. Such headaches are very common at all ages and could be disturbing at times.

Types of headaches:

Four types of headache are usually common. Those are:

Headache relief
Common types of headache

Sinus: Causes pain in air sinuses areas, that are cheek bones and behind brows bones.

Cluster: Causes pain in and around eye, wither right or left.

Tension: Pain radiates from fore-head to overall skull. Pain is like a band squeezing the head.

Migraine: Causes pain at any half of the skull. Sometimes, pain is accompanied with nausea and blurring of vision.

 Luckily, you do not need a painkiller every time you’re struck with headache, following tips might to the trick for instant headache relief.

1.Temperature therapy for headache relief:

Headaches related to stress conditions are most likely to be cured from hot or cold compresses.

For cold compresses: Cold compresses are most effective for migraines. Use a pack of ice, wrapped in a towel or thick clothing. Compress it on your forehead for 10-12 minutes. This trick causes instant headache relief.

Ice-bag for headache relief

Do not exceed for more than 15 minutes. Towel or thick clothing protects the skin damage.

For hot compresses: Use a heating pad or hot compressor in case of tension headache. Place it on your neck or at the back of your head for 15-20 minutes.

In case of sinus, place hot clothing on your cheek for few minutes. Hot showers are also proven fruitful for sinus headache relief.

2. Caffeine intake and headache relief:

Caffeine constricts blood vessels, hence has natural headache relief capability. In case of severe headache, consuming a cup of tea, coffee or any drink with a little caffeine in it might do the magic.

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Consumption of painkiller with tea or coffee also increases the effectiveness of medication. However, too much caffeine intake results in decrease of headache relief.

3. Loosen tight ponytails or bands:

Tight ponytails, hairbands, heavy hats and goggles result in increased pressure around your head, resulting in a headache. Loosening any tight bands or ponytails around your head ease pressure on scalp and causes instant external compression headache reliefs.

4. Dim the lights:

Bright and intense lightening can also open gates for headache, especially in people with migraine problem.

Try blocking the sunlight with heavy curtains during daytime. At night, a small night lamp instead of a brilliant light provides peace and comfort, easing the headache.

5. Ginger intake:

According to the recent studies, ginger is proven effecting in relieving all type of headaches, especially migraine. Ginger tea is the most convenient method. Moreover, powdered ginger capsules also work.

Ginger tea helps to relieve headache

In addition, Ginger also helps in aiding nausea and vomiting; that are most common symptoms with a headache.

To sum up, headaches are something that every individual goes through. But, headache relief is as easy as a headache itself. Try natural remedies before you jump to medications, as they provide natural and instant headache relief than painkillers.  

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