Rock Eating Worm Unearthed in The Philippines

PHILIPPINES: They are calling the Rock Eating Worm ” Lithoredo abatanica” and it was unearthed in the Philippines.

This worm was introduced last week by a group of international scientists.

The worm was introduced by scientists in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  

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The mollusk has quiet an unusual eating habits.

It eats rocks and excretes sand.

The Rock eating worm was unearthed from the bottom of a river in the Philippines.

The proceedings revealed the Lithoredo abatanica were collected from the deposits of soft limestone and driftwood.

Lithoredo abatanica was discovered in 2016.

After spending time studying it the scientists have come to know how it functions and lives.

According to Science Magazine

  • It grows up to be more than a meter long.
  • It is a white and thick creature.
  • It lives in fresh water.

It was unearthed and spotted in the Philippines on the Island of Bohol.

The detailed works and research finding can be seen in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Caught On Camera

Further research and study revealed that Lithoredo abatanica is a type of ship-worm.

For centuries this slippery ship worm have been chewing up the wood in ships.

The wood eating ship worm drilled into the wood by its tiny invisible teeth.

They use their shells covered in the teeth to eat the wood.

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The Lithoredo abantaca that is now uncovered is a rock eating worm.

It uses its teeth to scrape away the rocks.

It has less teeth than the wood eating worm.

It’s teeth are slightly thicker.

Dr. J. Reuben has said they can be seen excreting fine sand particles out of their siphon.

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