URIDE Pakistan debuts in Karachi with severe confusion

A new smartphone app based cab service debuts in Karachi known as URIDE – It promises to follows the similar pattern as Uber and Careem in Pakistan.

URIDE head office lies in DHA Phase 2 Extension area hardly few yards away from CAREEM Pakistan customer service center.

Yesterday paid a visit to URIDE Pakistan office for the information upon the entrance noticed the similarity between UFONE Pakistan and URIDE Pakistan using the almost alike Logo “U” and Color scheme when we inquired from Nadir who was formerly working for CAREEM as customer service representative now representing URIDE Pakistan said co-incidently people think UFONE and URIDE has some sort of affiliation, in reality they are two different entities.

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Unlike Uber and CAREEM, URIDE has decided go beyond and issue certification to all the vehicles registered under their domain it will certify that the vehicle is properly inspected and 100% certified by URIDE Pakistan. There will be no charges to obtain this certificate from URIDE Pakistan, however it will be worthless piece of paper! Why do we require such fitness certification? URIDE Pakistan may find some sort of sales leads to makes some extras with it such as Vehicle Insurance, Life Insurance, Mobile phone Insurance perhaps it does not have any legal value as government authentic Insurance/Fitness certificate issued by Excise Department.

Fitness Certificate from URIDE?

URIDE presentative Nadir said “If your vehicle caught up in any situation where it requires a valid proof of Fitness, we are providing this certificate free of cost, it will be the evidence that the vehicle is registered here with URIDE. Neither Uber nor CAREEM gives any certificate, in actually “Fitness Certificate” is only required for The Commercial vehicles driven on route, certified by Excise & Taxation department, Government of Pakistan not from any Smartphone app based company such as URIDE, UBER or CAREEM. Total waste of time idea!

I was astonished to hear that URIDE has not made its policies public and Mr.Nadir (URIDE Pakistan) Representative claimed that almost one thousand vehicles are already registered and around 750 vehicles are on road serving clients in Karachi but when we asked for the RATE CARD for vendors? Some sort of chart to explain how URIDE policy and payment plan works he denied to make it public.

If you are familiar with SECP and FBR you’ve probably searched URIDE Pakistan which got officially registered on 12th feb 2017 according to the official record and they are claiming to be among the tax payer company although representative had no clue about IT based companies aren’t paying any taxes until next the fiscal budget 2017/18.

I am not trying to bash URIDE Pakistan here instead sharing my view because recently I have resigned from another Smartphone app based company which might see the daylight like URIDE so with that homework done it was pretty easy for me to assess how URIDE Pakistan is doing.

Obviously vendors are interested to get their vehicles signed up in URIDE Pakistan but unfortunately URIDE lacks from RATE Card and Policies apart from FITNESS CERTIFICATE mentioned earlier.

How can a company gets registered and starts its service without any proper business plan? Indeed, it’s very easy if you have worked in a similar firm where same recipe is being prepared.

URIDE Pakistan not signing up any new vehicle nor the driver until next week says Nadir, Once we ensure our application is working properly and we setup our plan URIDE Pakistan CEO and Operation Manager will decide and share the policies, at this moment we are keeping all new vendors, vehicles, drivers on hold and wait for our call.

It appears URIDE Pakistan follows the same pattern as CAREEM and UBER Pakistan but the recent massive change in UBER’S POLICIES has made the deep impact on this company which is unable to share general information publicly.


SERIOUSLY WITH A CAPTAIN?  I found it very unethical “Share a Funky Selfie with A Captain” win 7 days free rides!  Are they going to make these selfies public? what if daddy didn’t like daughter’s photo with a driver? There is gentle relation between riders and drivers but URIDE Pakistan is trying to spoil it off.

URIDE Pakistan has nothing to offer on paper in their office, incase if you willing to pay a visit there, they will note down your contact information that’s it. Practically in Office UBER and CAREEM both are doing well handling hundreds of vendors, drivers, clients on daily basis.

vendors are looking for new ways of investment to earn handsome amount but the recent changes in policies in both companies has definitely confused URIDE Pakistan even than they launched their service in Karachi without any package plan and policies and expected to start in Lahore, Islamabad and Gujranwala soon however they have nothing to share on their official website nor at the office.

It is Strange that 1000 vehicles registered and running already with a secret package plan? will anyone be able to know what URIDE Pakistan offered to these sleeping partners? will there be different policy/package plan for vendors once company gets satisfactory overwhelming response? Why do they lack from the basic FAQs everyone needs to know about URIDE Pakistan.

If you have any queries regarding CAREEM, UBER or URIDE Pakistan you can share in comments and hopefully I will answer or you can simply email at incpak@gmail.com




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  1. Dear author for your information, as per one notification issued in 2014 by Transport & Mass Transit Deptt: GoS Karachi “all vehicles including motorcycle which is 3 years older will carry fitness certificate in Province of Sindh (POS)”. LUCKILY its implementation is pending.
    Besides this, GoS is also outsourcing the inspection / fitness system to private workshops.

    1. this article is older and I had the discussion with Add.Sec transport regarding notifications and implementations hopefully soon i will publish an article regarding it as well meanwhile Uride has stabilized and competing well its other companies

  2. hahaha actually hum pakistani awam is qabil nahi k hamare liye koi hamara apna kuch karey hum sirf tanqeed karsakty hain bas !!!
    kioke hum se khud to kuch hota nahi is liye jo kar bhi rahe hoty hain unpe ungli utha lena sab se ziyada asaan kaam hai !!!!!
    #Farhan sahab aapki soch ko salam hai wese

    1. aap ko shuk hay captain ke sath selfie lene ka tu lo, to win a contest otherwise it’s totally out of job ethics. jo apnay driver ke saath zindagi main selfie nahi lete iphone ke liye kapray bhi utar ne ko tayyar ho jatay hain.

      I shared my first impression and expecting them to fix these issues provide a better commute service rather than bashing other cab companies and being like BOL TV self proclaimed Number #1 TV channel

      1. bohat faaltu time hai bhai apke paas wese !! driver bhi insaan hai or baat iphone ki nahi hai ! aap jese log hi hain jo muaashray main nafraten phelaty hain !
        jisko ap driver keh rahe hain woh bhi insaan hai or aisi companies k aane se aapke mulq main kitne log izzat se kaam kar rahe hain
        rozi kama rahe hain
        ghatya log ghatya soch kabhi tarraqi nahi karty or kisi ko karty dekh bhi nahi sakty

  3. Those who haven`t experience the services of U-ride then how can they give there comments and i and my friends have personally use this service and it`s fabulous ride and pleasant travelling with U-ride. I don`t know that who are you but its very disappointing stuff that you have put in this blog, you have no right to say anything to others and this is proven that you are doing this for your own benefit.

      1. Wooo Man! If you are saying that this article is 2 months old back then how can you say all this things for Uride… Control on yourself dude and i totally agreed with Amaan Khan that Uride and all cab car services gives employment and day by day people being mature and using technologies and working with positivity…. So please think as a mature personality not act like kid.

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