Justice for Bramsh: orphaned in an armed robbery in Turbat

BALOCHISTAN: Four-year-old Bramsh was orphaned by armed robbers in her home in Turbat city of Balochistan’s Kich district, protesters are out on the streets demanding justice for Bramsh.

What had happened

The incident occurred on May 26, when three armed robbers stormed into a house in Dannuk with the intention of carrying out a robbery. Her mother Malik Naaz was shot dead for resisting while the little girl was injured badly. The mother was ruthlessly martyred in from of her little daughter. According to some reports, the four-year-old Bramsh suffer from bullet wounds.

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Three robbers caught by police

According to Turbat Police press release one of the thief identified as Altaf Mazar from Absor Turbat was caught on spot.

Later on two other thieves were also arrested. they are identified as Abdul Basit s/o Faiz Panjgyr resident of Turbat and Saif Ullah Munir Ahmed from Shahrak.

Police have also recovered a pistol and a bike from Altaf Mazar. other items recovered include a Toyota Corolla car and robbed items such as laptops, watch, and mobile phones.

Some Baloch social media activist are also pointing fingers at Zahoor Buledi – the Minister for Finance at Balochistan provincial government to be having connections with the robbers’ gang.

Protest and Rallies demanding Justice for Bramsh

In the last three days huge crowd gathered at Gwadar, Turbat and Buleda in support of Bramsh. They demand justice for Bramsh and arrest of the culprits who orphaned the little girl.

Hundreds of men, women and children have staged protest rally and they demand punishment for the criminals and their facilitators. The incident has raised a wave of protest.

The protesters demand the arrest of Sameer Sabzal the head of the death squad.

In the upcoming days more protest rallies are scheduled in Panjgur as well as Karachi.

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Bramsh’s injuries

The four-year-old victims witnessed the brutal killing of her mother. Bramsh was hit by a bullet on her shoulder. She is receiving treatment in a hospital in Karachi.

It is also being said each time she opens her eyes she asks for her mother. The little girl is traumatized by the incident, she tells her visitors to go away and do not hurt us.

What a tormenting, heartrending & darkest night for Bramsh when her mother is martyred in front of her own eyes for no reason! And on the other side whole Pakistan have attentions how Usman and Behroz cheated their wives, what a shame

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