Justice for Sami Ur Rehman: Teenager shot dead by Police Constable

KASUR: A police constable tried to rape a teenager identified as Sami Ur Rehman and upon resistance he was shot dead in Kasur District and people on Twitter are demanding justice for this heinous crime with the trending hashtag #JusticeForSamiUrRehman.

Sami Ur Rehman
Police Constable Masoom Ali.

The police constable has been identified as Masoom Ali and has been taken into custody by Punjab Police after a First Information Report (FIR) was registered against him.

According to the FIR regirstered, Sami ur Rehman was on his way to the mosque for prayer on the first day of Eid when he Police Constable Masoom Ali intercepted the boy and tried to rape him. Upon resisting, Ali shot Rehman in the chest and fled the scene.

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Sami Ur Rehman was later taken to DHQ Hospital in Kasur for treatment before being shifted to Lahore General Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.

Copy of the Report:

Sami Ur Rehman
First Information Report (FIR).

Soon after Twitter starting trending with the hastag #JusticeForSamiUrRehman.


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