CJP Takes Suo Moto Notice of Alleged Link of Zainab Case with Dark Web

After horrifying revelation of a Dr. Shahid Masood on private TV channel about the international violent child p*rnography rackets involved in Zainab case on a show last night, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Saqib Nisar, has  called Dr. Shahid to Supreme Cort while taking suo moto notice of alleged link of Zainab’s case and other similar cases with the dark web.

Dark Web is a part of internet while is not accessible by normal search engines like Google. It is usually accessed using Tor and mainly used for dark crimes.

Dr. Shahid Masood, last night claimed that Imran Ali Naqashbandi , the perpetrator in Zainab’s case, is  linked with a high-profile gang that sells violent explicit content of children on the dark web. He claimed to have concrete evidence on the linkage and claimed that he should be hanged publicly if proven wrong.

Dr. Masood claimed that Imran Ali has at least 37 foreign currency bank accounts that have international incoming transactions worth billions of rupees. He claims that the perpetrator is neither a mason nor a mentally ill person.

Dr. Shahid Masood press conference before Supreme Court Hearing


He said that Zainab and eight other similar cases are directly linked to the Dark Web, where violent explicit videos are streamed for hefty prices. Dr. Shahid Masood claimed that these innocent girls are ultimately murdered on the orders of psychopaths who pay in millions for such shows. Dr. Shahid said that the children are hand-picked by the such people and then low level employees like Imran are asked to commit heinous torture and abuse on the children on specific times.

Dr. Shahid Masood has made the explosive claim that at least one Federal Minister and various political and non-political elite of the country are involved in these wrong-doings and Imran has their backing. He claimed that Imran will probably be killed to cover up for their crimes.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Saqib Nisar, has taken the suo moto notice on the issue and has called Dr. Shahid Masood to the Supreme Court where a three member bench will hear the case.

While speaking with media personnel on the sidelines of the Supreme Court, where he has appeared for the case hearing, Shahid Masood said that he has proof that Imran Ali, the prime accused in Zainab case, was part of a bigger gang.

He further said that he can hand-over the proofs to the authorities and rest is in the hands of the investigation agencies.

Update:  Chief Justice of Pakistan has heard the claims of Dr. Shahid Masood and ordered a 6 member JIT to investigate the information provided by Dr. Shahid. Next hearing for the case has been set to Monday 29th of January. JIT is required to submit complete findings of the investigation in two working days.

Dr. Shahid has claimed that Chief Justice has taken the names of alleged influential people including a Federal Minister on a piece of paper too.

Dr. Shahid Masood press conference after Supreme Court Hearing


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