Coronavirus: 3000 being brought back to Faisalabad from Iran

Thousands being brought back directly to Faisalabad from Iran according to 92 News despite the number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan rising rapidly and the number has already crossed the 700 mark.

Coronavirus Faisalabad
Three thousand pilgrims being brought back from Iran directly to Faisalabad.

The step is being taken despite the coronavirus cases in Pakistan rising rapidly with many people who returned from Iran were diagnosed with COVID-19 and now decision has been taken to bring further three thousand people back out of a total of nine thousand directly to Faisalabad.

Coronavirus Faisalabad
Three thousands pilgrims being brought back from Iran to Faisalabad – 92News headline.

Most of the earlier coronavirus cases of people returning from Iran are currently in Sindh which has been most affected by the coronavirus pandemic with the tally being 357 in the province alone where as the total number of cases in Pakistan has crossed 720.

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The provincial governments are trying to keep ahead of the virus and curb by the spread by banning gatherings and closing down malls, shopping centers, markets and restaurants across provinces to try and curb the spread the of the coronavirus outbreak.

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah announced that all public places will be shutting down for 15 days where as the CM Punjab today in a press conference said that all malls, shopping centers, parks, markets and restaurants will be closed will Tuesday starting tonight.

Pharmacies, vegetable markets and groceries stores will remain open in Sindh and Punjab as usual and restaurants are allowed to carry out take away orders and deliveries.

Right now, despite these instructions people are not taking the matter seriously and are found to be carrying their usual activities with roadside restaurants in Sindh and Punjab being full of people sitting and eating.

Now the decision has been taken to bring back further three thousand people to Faisalabad from Iran despite the worsening condition with the coronavirus cases rising rapidly.

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