DG ISPR Press conference on 23 March

ISLAMABAD: DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar in his press conference on 23 March highlighted the ongoing crisis of coronavirus – COVID-19

In his press conference the COVID-19 a threat that has engulfed the entire world. Even the most developed nations seem helpless in front of the novel coronavirus.

The COVID-19 is a challenge for all.

In 1940 Pakistan was our aim and destination. Now the nation has to ones again unite for a “Safe Pakistan”.

Today is the day to remember our Kashmiri brothers and sisters, who are standing firm against this natural calamity of coronavirus even though already facing the worst atrocities by the Indian government.

The people of Occupied Kashmir will win this war.

Pakistan is facing a severe challenge of coronavirus. It is a fact that nations rise only after facing challenges.

It is the trust of a nation that helps the government to fight and win such challenging situations.

Pakistan Army is aware of its responsibilities and will use all its resources to handle the situation.

He also mentioned a core commander’s meeting with the civil department held yesterday.

In the core commander meeting he said, a plan of action to fight the coronavirus was discussed.

He also said the Government under article 245 has already asked for Army aid.

Even though there is heavy deployment of the troops at the line of control and western border, the Chief of Army Staff has ordered that all the available troops and medical resources be deployed as required.

The federal and provincial governments have only allowed the shops and factories that are dealing with food items and medical equipment and pharmacies to stay open.

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All schools will remain closed, public gatherings are also prohibited, all cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants, marriage halls, and swimming pools will remain closed.

Intercity transport will be used only for food chain supply. Public transport in all cities will remain closed.

All airports will be closed for international flights till April 4.

Petrol pumps and vegetable markets will open only on specific days as per the order of the government.

The provincial governments will issue their guidelines.

DG ISPR Press conference on 23 March

He said the task at hand is enormous but the best defense against coronavirus is not isolation but it is cooperation.

He assured that the Pakistan Army will be standing with its people all the time.

The Army has fought may war against terrorism and this time the war is different but we will win this war as well.

He also said the Army officers will donate their salaries to fight this virus, in the end, he requested the people to take care of yourselves and your families.

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