Wearing face masks mandatory for Public in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Islamabad issued a notification of wearing face masks mandatory in public places.

Anyone who violates this is to be charged with Section 188 CrPC. ACs and Magistrates may impose fines on public in Islamabad now.

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Crowded Public Places, Mosque, Bazaars, Shopping Malls, Public transport including road, rails and flights

• Once the mask is worn, it is part of the face and it must not be touched with hands throughout its use. If touched or handled after wearing, then hands must be washed with soap & water or sanitized with an alcohol-based hand rub according to the guidelines of hand hygiene

• The mask should be replaced with a new one when it gets soiled or becomes moist.

• The soiled disposable mask shall be disposed off properly and the reusable one shall be placed in a sealable polythene bag and placed in a dedicated pocket of the dress or in a dedicated pocket of a washable handbag.

• The pocket of the dress or the bag, in which a soiled mask was saved, shall not be used or handled for any other purpose before washing.

• N95 mask is only needed in high risk healthcare facilities by the health workers and is beneficial only when worn with special precautions and appropriate procedures.

Wearing face masks mandatory for Public in Islamabad
Wearing face masks mandatory for Public in Islamabad

The Federal Government will review the Covid-19 situation in a meeting today, The number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has increased after Eid-Ul-Fitr, Meanwhile Punjab Government suggested Federal Government Impose Curfew (Lockdown 2.0) for 4 weeks (28 Days) to contain the spread of the virus.

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