Ghotki Riots : Rangers,Police Deployed After Anti-Blasphemy Protest

GHOTKI: Rangers and Police have been deployed in Ghotki following an Anti-Blasphemy Protest that broke out in the city on Sunday. The Hindu Community is under threat.

A Hindu Principal of Sindh Public school has been accused of committing blasphemy. First Information Report (FIR) was filed on the complaint of Abdul Aziz Rajput, a student’s father.

The FIR has been registered under 295-C against the Principal that pertains to “derogatory remarks in respect of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)” — of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Law and order of Ghotki and surrounding areas have deteriorated as large number of people came out on streets to protest.

The accused principal has escaped along his family after the incident sparked riots in the city.

There is a shutter down strike in Ghotki, all business centers remained closed on Sunday. The strike was called by religious groups and organizations.

Statement of The Witness

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The Hindu temple vandalised in Ghotki, Sindh by extremists over blasphemy accusations against a Hindu principal is that of Sant Satram Dham Sahib

Trouble was brewing in Ghotki, Sindh since last night over blasphemy accusations against a Hindu principal. Authorities should have taken preemptive measures to protect the Hindu community, their temples and homes

The situation in Ghotki, Sindh over the blasphemy accusations against a Hindu principal is getting out of control. Extremists have desecrated a temple, attacked homes of Hindu community members and blocked roads. Report and video via Shankar Meghwar

Protests were also held in surrounding towns, including Mirpur Mathelo and Adilpur. The Hindu Community was forced to stay indoors due to the riots.

Not all Molvi is the same, the screen shots reveal that. Some are actually protecting their Hindu Brothers.

While some reports suggest those who vandalized the city were not from Ghotki. The faces were unknown and were not locals. That could mean there was some external force involved.

The police have however said the situation is being handled with care. The case will be dealt very carefully.

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