CDA starts charging for Faisal Mosque

Has the Federal Government / Capital development Authority touched the lowest levels of morality? That they have to charge us for entering in Faisal Mosque?

Faisal Mosque was build by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the maintenance cost still comes out of KSA’s pocket last year they paid the hefty amount of 1 million US dollars for the maintenance and renovation of the mosque. Yet it came to us as a shocking surprise that the toll was present at the Faisal Avenue and we were told that we have to pay to go any further.

Faisal Mosque Charged Parking

When we inquired the toll fella about why and since when?  He said “just started 13 days ago”. Now what’s more shocking is Rs.35 billions budget allocated for the Capital Development Authority Islamabad.

Do we have to pay Rs 20 to pray each time which makes Rs 100 per day incase if you are willing to go there 5 times a day.

Is this the really the capital of Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Why do we have to pay to enter in a mosque? Private contractors are bidding on Iconic places.

Already we’ve reported about the dire condition of the roads in Islamabad G-8 Sector entering from Islamabad Expressway even some calls it Highway – Mayor of the Capital City doesn’t seems to be bothered about it nor the CDA all they care is to find new ways to charge public and fill their pockets.

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Here are some of the snaps which we’ve taken recently of G-8 Sector

Faisal Mosque - G8 Sector


G 8 Sector Islamabad
G-8 Sector, Islamabad

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any information regarding Islamabad City Mayor on the web – About the Faisal Mosque charged parking it shouldn’t be there just 13 days back everything was free and now you we all have to pay to pray at Faisal Mosque.

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