Jamshoro Power Plant Fire causes Blackout in Parts of Sindh

A massive fire erupted in Jamshoro Thermal Power Plant which continued for more than 15 minutes resulting in a blackout at almost 17 districts of Sindh including Hyderbad City.

Areas under Blackout after Jamshoro Power Plant Fire:

  • Hyderbad City
  • Badin
  • Thatta
  • Sujawal
  • Mirpur Khas
  • Tando Jam
  • Umarkot
  • Kunri
  • Tharparkar

According to eyewitnesses, Jamshoro Power Grid caught fire due to which Hyderabad Electric Supply Cooperation (HESCO) reported the blackout in the city.


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On Social Media, Residents of Jamshoro and Hyderabad shared the videos and the images of the massive fire which can be seen from 15 kilometers.


The HESCO and NEPRA Officials have yet to confirm the damage caused by the fire at Jamshoro Thermal Power Plant.

So far there is no time frame as to when power will be restored to these areas.

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