Justice For Afzal : commits suicide after false harassment allegations

LAHORE: Muhammad Afzal, lecturer of Government MAO college Lahore commits suicide following false harassment allegations by one of his female student. Social Media has started demanding Justice for Afzal.

Women aren’t the only ones who face harassment, men also fall prey to harassments from their females.

People like such are mentally sick regardless of their gender. Hate, ego, jealousy and many other humanly weak traits force them to hurt and humiliate others.

Such criminals deserve to be punished severely regardless of their gender.

We come across many women who have been victims of harassment and their cases raise anger in general public and many come out on streets demanding justice.

Man who face harassment from women needs equal attention and same demand for justice.

It is a growing trend among many criminal minded female who do not hesitate to falsely accuse men for harassment and ruin their career, personal life and respect.

About the case

Muhammad Afzal was a lecturer of English at Government M.A.O College in Lahore.

He was falsely accused of harassment by one of his female student. Investigation proved him innocent but he still committed suicide as the management failed to issue letter of his innocence.

Muhammad Afzal took poison to take his own life. A letter was found by his body written by him. He wrote:

“I leave this matter in the court of Allah. The police are requested not to investigate and bother anybody.”

Justice for Afzal

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According to medical and police report suicide has been confirmed.

Afzal’s Letter To Dr. Aalia Rehman

Muhammad Afzal wrote a letter to his senior collogue Dr. Aliya a day before committing suicide. Dr. Aliya was heading the investigation committing.

In his letter he complained that even though he was cleared of the harassment allegation but he still remains under extreme stress.

He continued to say that the whole college knows of the case by now and until and unless the administration gives in writing that the allegations were false and baseless, he will be still considered as a person with bad moral character.

He also said he fears the same enquiry may reopen any time. He also said I have no proof for my innocence.

In his letter he begged Dr. Aalia Rehman to ask the administration to reopen the case and rusticate Roll # 18444, BS Mass Com on the basis of putting false allegations against a professor. He also said this is the only way to clear his name and protect other professors from same false accusations.

He also hinted that when professors are strict with students and give marks according to their performance they get similar reactions from the students. He also confessed that his fault was also of being strict with the students.

The most sad part of his plea to his collogue was that his own wife doubted him.

He informed through his letter that his family life is disturbed and his wife has left due to these allegations and now he has nothing to look forward to. he wrote ” I am an immoral person at college and at home.”

Being called immoral by own wife left him with pain in heart and brain.

In his letter he requested his colleague if and when I die, I request you as a friend to take care that my salary goes to my mother and she is given a good character certificate in my name from the college Principal.

At the end he begged Dr. Aalia Rehman to help him clear his name as she was a senior professor and could influence the college administration.

The Letter was received by her on October 8.

Statement of Dr. Aalia Rehman

Dr. Aalia Rehman confirmed Muhammad Afzal was proved innocent during the inquiry.

She also informed the female student of mass communication who accused the lecturer for staring at her was also questioned.

The female student upon questioning admitted that the Mr. Afzal gave her less marks as her attendance was low.

Dr. Aalia told the female student to leave that aside and tell me did Mr. Afzal’s character and if he ever did any immoral act. On this she replied not with me but other girls say he stares at them.

According to Dr. Aalia after the inquiry the report was made in favor of Mr. Afzal. The report suggested the accusation laid against him was false and baseless and that he is innocent. The report also said the girls student must be warned and must be dealt with strictly.

The inquiry report also stated that the matter must be given due importance to avoid any such false accusations against any other teacher by students.

Why Afzal was not given the letter of clearance

According to the statement given by Dr. Aalia her mandate was to carry out the inquiry and submit the report on their findings to the College Principal.

The inquiry committee had submitted their report three months ago. Based on the report the principal was required to issue a clearance letter in favor of Mr. Muhammad Afzal.

She also said she was not authorized to issue the clearance letter which Afzal asked for before committing suicide. The College Principal was the authority to issue the letter.

Statement of College Principal, Farhan Ibadat

The college principal said Afzal never came to me for the letter. If he had come I would have issued it. He also said Afzal had not spoken to him since the report was submitted even though he was verbally informed that he had been cleared from the charges.

He also said it was not up to me, Dr. Aalia had to resolve the issue. Dr. Farhan further stated Dr. Aalia did not inform that he had to take strict action against the students.

One minor mistake of Dr. Aalia

Dr. Aalia had asked Afzal to give an application for the clearance letter she would forward it to the right authority.

On October 8, Afzal handed the letter to her when she was leaving for home at the college gate.

She just read the first few line and kept the letter in her file.

Next day when she came to college, she heard Afzal committed suicide.

She regrets not reading the entire letter that day.

After the demise of Afzal she took the letter to the principal. He told her Afzal has written the letter to you not me, you take care of it. She told her you are the authority, I cannot do anything unless you give me the permission. On hearing this the principal asked her to leave the matter as it is, just keep your documents ready and only show if anyone asked for it.

Dr. Farhan has how ever denied and have refused to agree that Dr. Aalia came to him with Afzal’s letter.

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Reaction on Social Media – Justice For Afzal

Justice For Afzal is trending on social media

Social Media is furious and cursing the girl who falsely accused her lecturer for harassment. They are also stating that it is the misuse of #Metoo movement.

Ali Zafar has also tweeted as he has faced similar issue of false harassment allegations.

Mr Afzal, Lecturer at Govt MAO College Lahore commits suicide after false harassment allegations. Leaves a suicide note as his wife leaves him & his reputation tarnished. How many will speak up for him now? How many will speak up against the misuse of #Metoo. Who is responsible?

M Afzal, Lecturer Govt MAO College, Lahore.
He was charged with allegations of harassment.committee cleared him. This brought great damage to his repute.
He wrote an application, on 8th Oct to admin for an offcial letter to exonerate him.9th Oct, he committed suicide

Another example of the fact: “Men are always guilty before being proven innocent & women are always innocent before being proven guilty.” Show her identity to the entire world and make her an horrible example by putting charges of murder on her. #MeToo #justiceforafzal

Who is to be blamed

Who is the actual criminal here? To many of them in his case.

  • The student who falsely accused him of harassment without thinking for a second what damage could it bring to her teacher. She is actually a murderer.
  • His wife who did not believe in him. Yes she also played her part in the murder of Afzal.
  • The inquiry committee who thought their mandate was to just carry out the inquiry.
  • Dr. Aalia Rehman wish you could have given few minutes to read that letter, may be today your colleague and your friend be still alive. Little careless mistake of her killed him.
  • Dr. Farhan Ibadat, the Principal, why would he give clearance letter, after all Mr. Afzal did not come begging for it. Your ego killed him.

Justice for Afzal.

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  1. Regrets Dr Farhan Ibadat Sahib, regrets on your management, regrets on your judgement, regrets on your justice

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