Justice For Amna Atiq: Who Murdered Her?

ISLAMABAD: Ones again the cruel society has taken life of a young mother. Sad and tragic story is surfacing social media and voices are coming out fro “Justice For Amna Atiq”.

Who murdered her? What took her life? Was it a suicide or a planned murder?

Investigations haven’t started yet, no one really knows what happened.

 Amna Atiq last live session before suicide

Bonitaaz has announced the sad demise of Amna Atiq on their facebook page. They have written

“We are saddened and shocked by the sudden demise of co-founder, Amna Atiq. You are all requested to remember her in prayers.”

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One thing is for sure she was a victim of Domestic Violence.

Amna was a freelance makeup artist, a blogger and she owned an eyelashes brand named Bonitaaz. She was last seen online a day before yesterday.

Her chat with her followers clearly proves she was victimized my her father as well as her husband.

Story of Amna Atiq Narrated By Her Acquaintances

Extremely disturbed by the news of an acquaintance who posted her last picture yesterday with a smile and today, found out she is no more.

She was forced to marry someone she didn’t love. She was forced to live with him. She ran away from him but was thrown out by her Father and step mother. She met an old friend/love. He helped her to get back into life once again. She married him and was living happily wid her daughter (from first husband) and husband. When suddenly, things fell apart for her once again and her husband threw her and the daughter out of the house. She ran away to her dad once again he didn’t accept her. She had to give up her daughter to her first husband. Came back to her husband, begged him to keep her. He tortured her day and night. She was missing her daughter, she was in mental and physical pain.

2 nights ago she did a live session on a group where she was crying and telling how she was in pain. Her hand was burnt but her husband wasn’t taking her to the hospital. And just now I found out she is no more. Her father said, I will kill u if u come back. Her husband said, I will kill u if u don’t leave me.

Well congrats, we all KILLED HER. I don’t know what happened, how she passed away and all. But I know that a girl was yet again murdered because of this sick society.

Please khuda ka wasta haiii, let ur daughters come back home alive. Divorce is not such a big deal. 1 baar hu 2 baar hu ya 10 baaar. But killing ur daughter intentionally or unintentionally is a BIG DEAL.

I don’t know what the actual reason of her demise is. But for me HER HUSBAND, HER FATHER AND ALL OF US MURDERED HER.

I feeel sick to the stomach k mein kch nahi kr ski uskay lye. I feel terrible k i am a useless pc of shit who saw all this happening but I couldn’t do anything. I wish I could have done something, shyd aj zinda hoti woh. Shyd yaar shyd.


Baap honay ka farz nibhao, miya honay ka farz nibhao. And for all of us, please do not close ur eyes to when u see such stuff. Please logon ki mental health ka mazakh nahi urhaya krein, please logon ko tanz nahi kiya krein when u see them struggle. Please check up on the people around u. Insaniat paida kro apnay andar. Learn to accept and respect girls who go through divorce. Unkay lye jeena itna mushkil nah kro k marnay k siwa they have no other option.

I ask for us all to bring the change within us wrna aj Amna thi, kal ko koi aur bhi hoskti hai aur hoti bhi hain. Many times, we just don’t get to hear it.

How many more Amna’s do we need to realize and understand that a Divorced daughter is better then a dead one. 

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Amna Atiq Shared Her Own Story

Amna Atiq had shared her own story on wedding wonders. Her story started from 2013, when she returned from Australia on her mothers demise. Her visa expired and her father remarried right after two months.

She goes on to narrate later she found out her father was married three years earlier to her mother’s death.

She was forced to marry a man she did not love. She had one daughter she dearly loved. She was not happy with her first husband because he was abusive. She was divorced in 2015.

Her second marriage was to Ayan Ali the man who is love and later who also turned into a devil.

Her Father Threatened To Kill Her

Amna Atiq is heard saying in her live session, she went to her father for help in the month of Ramadan. Her father did not let her in and threatened if she returned again he would lock her up in a room or send her to a mental asylum. He even threatened to have her killed.

Her Husband Ayan Ali Also Abused Her

She is also heard saying her husband Ayan Ali was also abusive. He was on a live session with a burnt hand. In one of her videos, tears could not stop rolling down her cheeks.

She is heard saying he needs help and he abuses her on petty things. The controlling husband was insecure that her wife was earning.

Justice For Amna Atiq

The death of Amna Atiq a young mother needs to be properly investigated. Was it a suicide or murder? Domestic abuse and violence that leads to suicide or sudden deaths need to be treated as murder.

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  1. Sixth century (500 to 610 Ad ) aur 2019 may taqreeban 1400 saal ka faraq hay laiken
    Jaahiliat may barber hain. Hum is daur ko civilized ya muhazzab nahi keh saktay. Baawojood itni taleem kay. Ye mojooda taleem tehzeeb nahi la saki. Daure Jaahiliat may betiun ko zinda dar gore kartay thay. Ab bhi wahi Kuch ho raha hay.

  2. After going thru all the story, I am shocked, I will say that; there are many loop holes in the entire incident like;
    1. The parents don’t have time for their kids for better brought up. If she was given proper attention, such incidents wouldn’t happened.
    2. He father would have remarried a mature lady instead of a young girl, which would have been helpful to him in taking care of him as well as his young daughter.
    3. The easy access to Internet, social media, Facebook etc, people don’t resolve there issue over the time and gain attention on fb etc by the persons who are least concerned to the life of such ladies/girls
    4. The men should also think that as they don’t like their wives to have relation with other men, same way ladies can’t tolerate it. It is natural, and both are equal in their rights.
    5. We are away from our religious teaching, rather we justify our wills in light of deen.

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