Justice for Jennifer: 10 years old raped and killed, Rahim Yar Khan

Rahim Yar Khan: Another innocent little girl has been sexually assaulted in Rahim Yar Khan. Please raise your voice for Justice for Jennifer.

Jennifer, a ten-year-old girl was found brutally raped and killed from the fields of sugar cane.

The body was found in her school uniform from Mouza Chandra Wali of Janpur, Rahim Yar Khan.

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Justice for Jennifer

Little Jennifer lost her life to another inhuman act of a child abuser.

The crime against children has been increasing and somehow the Government has failed to control this heinous crime.

There will always be a Zainab and a Jennifer unless these child abusers and severely punished with no mercy.

Innocent little boys and girls will go through these brutal tortures regardless of age, color, caste, and religion if these criminals are not severely punished.

These child abusers deserve no mercy.

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Zainab Alert Bill

Zaina Alert Bill was passed by the National Assembly with the majority of votes few days back.

According to Zainab Bill Alert the maximum sentence for the child abuser is a life sentence with an Rs. 1 million in fine. he minimum sentence being 10 years.

This bill aims at providing protection to a child who has been abducted, murdered or any other form of child abuse.

This Bill faced some criticisms as it does not include the death penalty for the child abuser.

Hang the Rapist in Public

Hang the rapist is a demand of the public. The number of child abuse cases (particularly rape of minor girls and boys) Pakistan has been increasing day by day. The angered public has been demanding public hanging of the rapist.


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