Justice For Hooznoor: Little princess brutally raped and murdered

KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA: Social media is trending with Justice for Hooznoor for the little princess who was brutally raped and murdered.

Hooznoor was only seven years old. She went to madrassa and never returned to her parents.

She was kidnapped, raped and then strangled to death by two sick monsters in Kaka Sahib, Nowshera district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The two involved in the heartwrenching and brutal act of child abuse have since been arrested.

Hang the rapist

Social media is active and has launched a campaign Justice for Hooznoor.

I want to hang them myself

“Bring mu daughter’s killers to me, I want to hang them myself.’ These are the words of Hooznoor’s mother.

No words can describe the pain and agony of this mother. Shahida Shah who meet the mother has tweeted and said “Hooznoor’s mother was cursing the police and government that why they took away the criminals caught by the village men, she wants to hang them herself. She was telling all women to be out on roads with her unless their kids will be next. Her Bad-dua will destroy all soon.”

“Just came back from my village with a heavy heart… met parents of Huznoor, her mother was in painful condition & she was demanding only 1 demand-“Bring my daughter’s killers to me, I want to hang them myself,” She said Zainab’s killer was also hanged by govt but it happened again.”

Justice for Hooznoor

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Social media is showing ones again the disappointed and angered after losing one more innocent angle. The nation demands Justice for Hooznoor.

The netizens want to see the child rapists hanged in public. Little boys and little girls are raped every other day but unfortunately, the law enforcement agencies have failed to bring any justice for the victim’s family.

Hang them in public or hand them over to the victim’s family let then punish those monsters the way they want to.

The child abuse cases instead of decreasing are increasing over time because they are not punished the way they should be.

Locked for just a few years? That is not enough, is it? They will come out and start all over again.

Let’s pray the curse of Hooznoor’s comes true. May all those involved rot and die.

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  1. u know what why this happens …..it is because we are the part of this society where we punish the sinner in a room where there is no one ….that sinner which rape a child in the middle of a crowd .
    and problem its not the time period that we are living in .Its the people who are living in this time period .The people who really knows how to talk about an issues for some days
    its a shame.

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