JUSTICE FOR MISBAH – Another tragic sexual abuse incident has taken place involving a 23-year-old Misbah who was raped by a policeman in Gujranwala during an investigation.

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Justice for Misbah – Raped by policeman in Gujranwala.

According to the details, the policeman identified as ASI Mubashir went to the family’s residence in response to a complaint regarding a fight with their neighbors who had beaten up Misbah.

ASI Mubashir, was one of the responders to visit the scene when the family complained about their neighbors, ensured them that the matter will be investigated and promised to them in the loop.

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The Gujranwala policeman reportedly showed up again the next morning for a follow up during which time he allegedly raped Misbah according to the First Information Report (FIR) filed at the Aroop Police Station.

According to reports, the accused policeman also threatened Misbah if she spoke up about the alleged rape and told her to take back withdraw her First Information Report (FIR).

However, City Police Officer (CPO) told media that a medical test of the girl had been carried out and accusation of rape will be confirmed once the report arrives.

The family also states that the police were hesitant to register their complaint regarding the matter until it came to notice of some local journalists and higher-up in the departments.

The matter is currently being investigated and a four member team has been constituted under the super intendent of police (SP) Hafeezur Rehman to probe into the incident.

If the accusation is true, then justice for Misbah has to be provided and strict action should be taken against the accused especially he held a position where he was responsible for the safety of people.

UPDATE: The girl has taken back her accusation in another statement accusing the journalists of forcing her to record the previous claim of rape against ASI Mubhashir.

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