Justice for Ramsha Wassan: Who Is The Actual Murderer?

SINDH: Ramsha Wassan’s body has nine bullets wounds. Nation demands justice for Ramsha Wassan and demand arrest of Zulfiqar Wassan.

Ramsha Wassan was only thirteen year old girl from Khaipur. She was murdered in the name of honor killing. The horrific incident occurred last Friday but the culprit is still free due to political pressure.

Girls and women are killed and brutally murdered in the name of honor by their male relatives. But in this case Zulfiqar Wassan was no where related to Ramsha Wassan.

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According to reports Ramsha wanted to marry a boy of her own choice, and that is what she was killed for.

Her mother said Zulfiqar Wassan kidnapped their daughter after she expressed her wish to marry her cousin.

Ramsha Wassan belonged to a poor family from Haji Nawab Wassan Village.

The exercise of free will was against the rules allegedly placed by Zulfiqar Wassan. After he came to know she wanted to marry the boy she loved, she was kidnapped on January 19 from her home.

The parents of the girl went to Manzoor Wassan and pleaded her release. After Manzoor Wassan intervened Ramsha was released.

Ramsha still insisted on marrying the man of her choice which infuriated Zulfiqar Wassan. He went over to her house with four other men dragged her out of the house and shot her at point blank.

She was taken to a doctor by her parents but the doctors declared her dead.

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About Zulfiqar Wassan

Zulfiqar Wassan also known as Zulfo is a notorious criminal gang leader in Khairpur. There are already more than two dozen cases registered against him on kidnapping, murder and other crimes.

Zulfiqar Wassan is cousin of PPP leader Manzoor Wassan and nephew of former PPP MNA Nawab Wassan.

He is currently on bail, many cases against him have been disposed off with the help of provincial government officials.

Manzoor Wassan and former PPP MNA Nawab Wassan  publicly support Ramsha Wassan but it has come to be known that they actually support the murderer behind the back.

Justice for Ramsha Wassan

Zulfiqar Wassan is still roaming around free even after having more than two dozen cases registered against him. The obvious reason is that he is politically backed.

The Wassan’s support PPP as they can get their government votes by terrorizing the poor and helpless people.

Who murdered Ramsha Wassan in cold blood?

Is it only Zulfiqar Wassan who murdered Ramsha Wassanb. Is he the only devil behind the death of a thirteen year old girl?

More than two dozen cases are registered against him but he is out on bail and murdering more innocent souls. This devil was created because he was politically backed and he kept committing those hideous crimes.

PPP supported them for the sake of votes and did not matter how many innocent people lost their lives in the hands of this vicious man.

So will it be justified to bring just one man on trial? The entire political system be brought to trial and every one who stood by this devil of a man each time he murdered, kidnapped and God only knows what.

Yes Zulfiqar Wassan needs to be punished in worst possible way but also his partners in crime.

Justice For Ramsha Wassan

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