Karachi Police Arrest Citizen Throwing Trash in Public

KARACHI: Karachi Police is all active and vigilant after the Government of Sindh issued a notice to impose a complete ban on littering and spitting in public places.

Following the instructions of Sindh Government, Karachi police have arrested first citizen for throwing trash in open place. The police has also registered FIR for violating section 144 imposed by Sindh Government.

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Karachi police arrest first citizen

Reaction From Public On Social Media

There is a mix reaction from public on Social Media on the arrest of the first citizen. Some appreciate while others are criticizing.

Some have appreciated it being a good initiative of the Sindh Government and believe it will be a common sight through out the province. People will be seeing such arrests.

At the same time they suggest the Government needs to put dustbins in every area.

Another one reacted and said

This is ridiculous.

The first entity they need to arrest is the Sindh Government who never had the time or the concern to maintain cleanliness in Karachi.

Once the government is successfully doing its part then people should be fined for throwing trash.

There is always a systematic way of doing things.

Right now, this looks clearly like a PR stunt.

Another commented

Very Good Initiative but about the responsibilities of Sindh Governments which they are not performing at all. Why these assholes aren’t accountable for anything

More reactions from public

Does the same treatment apply to the authorities who are supposed to keep the city clean? or only the citizens will be reprimanded??

Change always trickles from the top. We are of the habit of finding temporary solutions, instead of getting to the root cause we tend to look at the symptoms and ignore the cause

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