Lahore Mother Burns Her Two Children Over Black Magic

LAHORE: Horrifying incident is being reported from Lahore. Lahore mother burns her own two minor children on fire in Lahore over black magic.

The Mother Anita Bibi has burnt her three year old daughter Maryam and two year old son George.

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The incident took place in Qilla Gujjar Singh.

The two children were shifted to Meo Hospital in a burnt state.

The Lahore mother burnt her own two minor children on the directions received from her spiritual leader.

The woman is believed to have been carrying out black magic and under the instruction of her spiritual guide.

The children were shifted to Meo Hospital Children surgical ward in a critical condition.

Father’s Statement

The father of the children have given the statement that the mother was learning black magic.

The father further gave the details that the Children were with their mother at the house of her aunt for three days.

The aunts house is located in the quarters of Qilla Gujjar Singh.

He furthers added that he hadn’t seen his children for three days, around 7pm he returned home from work and inquired about the children.

On asking the mother Anita Bibi told him that the children are upstairs and will go fetch them.

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The father then said never mind let me go my self to see them.

When he reached the house he saw a goat tied up in the center of the room. Both the children were tied up to either side of the bed.

Their hands and feet were tied and had the signs of physical torture and had burns on their bodies.

Apart from the burns their bodies had bruises and had turned blue due to physical torture.

The father also said when I saw the state of the children I totally lost my mind.

There were three women and one man present and he tried to untie the children all the four attacked him.

Some how he managed to get the children out of there and went straight to his brothers house.

He said what ever he saw there, goat, candles and incense stick , it all indicated to Black Magic.

Father Speaks to Media

Doctors have reported that both the children have burned marks on different parts of the bodies.

The children also had marks of ropes around their necks.

Lahore Mother Burns Her Two Children Over Black Magic

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