Maid tortured, held captive by house owners in Lahore

LAHORE: Another tragic incident where a 20 year old maid was tortured and help captive by house owners in Lahore who accused her of stealing a mobile phone.

maid tortured lahore
Maid tortured, held captive by house owners in Lahore.

According to sources, the 20 year old maid was tortured by house owners in Lahore who kept her captive for two days as part of their interrogation. The family of the maid claims that they the owners filmed their “interrogation” and forwarded the video to her relatives.

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After two days torture, the maid was handed to police in Kot Lakhpat but the family also complained regarding keeping her there instead of the women police station.

Upon being approached by journalists, the house owners started threatening them and refused to provide any details of the incident.

This behavior is getting too common where house owners take matters into their own hands and end up torturing their domestic help and even killing them.

Not long ago, an eight year old domestic maid named Zohra Shah in Rawalpindi was tortured and beaten to death by her employer for releasing some parrots from their cages.

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Yet, all these incidents and cases fade away with no proper punishment. Human rights especially women rights have become a joke in this society with the trend of victim blaming on the rise.

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