Justice for Sadia – 14 year old burnt to death

Justice for Sadia – A 14 year old girl from Chiniot named Sadia was burnt to death by her uncle after her father refused her hand in marriage to her paternal cousin.

Justice for Sadia, Burnt to Death, 14 year old burnt to death
Justice for Sadia – 14 year old burnt to death.

According to reports, the girl’s uncle Mohammad Yaqoob had asked his brother Mohammad Yousuf for Saida’s hand in marriage for his son two months ago but Yousuf refused and arranged his daughter’s marriage with another relative.

When Sadia returned home a few days ago to visit her parents, her uncle Mohammad Yaqoob waited for the perfect opportunity to find her alone and dosed her with petrol and set her ablaze as part of his revenge.

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As both were alone in the house, Yaqoob managed to escape the scene. Sadia also managed to escape and was taken to the hospital but unfortunately succumbed to her burn injuries.

However, rather than getting Justice for Sadia, Mohammad Yousuf, her father tried to protect his brother with the help of the entire family and her in-laws. The all tried to cover up the actual cause of her death telling police that she died as a result of a cylinder blast.

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The police launched an investigation into the matter as it seemed suspicious and upon coming across conflicting statements from her parents and the in-laws, the police took the family into custody and they later confessed to the crime.

It is shocking how instead of getting justice for his daughter Sadia, her father would try to protect his own brother. Our society talks about moral and family values but end up committing such atrocities.

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