PM Imran Khan Speech at Governor House Lahore

LAHORE: The PM Imran Khan in his speech at Governor House Lahore highlighted the challenges being faced due to the coronavirus outbreak. He also threw light on the solutions and steps being taken by the Government.

In his speech he said;

Test of nation is similar to an individual person. The strength and faith of a person or a nation is tested in a difficult time.

Comparing the difficult times of the nation with that of an individual the PM Imran Khan said:

A nation or an individual fails the test of time when the nation/ person in difficult time takes short cuts to takes to fraudulent steps.

Successful are those who stand strong and comes out of these difficult times with stronger faith and more strength.

The best quality of a person is to have patience in difficult times. Those who don’t have patience are among the average who are failures.

Highlighting the current coronavirus crisis the PM said this is a challenging time for the nation.

Even the nations that are developed and have better health system are also devastated. We are a developing nation, and it is a very challenging time for us.

Giving courage and motivation he said we will come out of this crisis as well.

The PM Imran Khan said the challenge we face is at one side we have the coronavirus outbreak and on the other hand are the people the daily wagers, who are suffering due to lock down.

The challenge is to stop the spread of the virus and how our society looks after our poor people.

PM Imran Khan Speech at Governor House Lahore

To overcome this challenge the PM said we have opened up the construction companies to engage the labor force. The agricultural sector is already open in the rural areas of the country.

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Corona Tiger Force

Mentioning the Corona Tiger Force he said we already have 600,000 members.

He said coronavirus will spread further, and asked all to stay disciplined and avoid going to crowded places.

Charity Work

The PM said “I have experience of charity work of over thirty-year. When I started charity work only Maulana Edhi was the one doing charity on a large scale. Today I am happy to say there are many who come forward for charity , even the sportsmen, showbiz people and this is our strength.

The amount collected in charity will be given out in cash on merit and to the deserving people.

Facebook page

A Facebook page will be created by next week, which will give details of the people who are deserving and need charity. Details of the people along with their addresses will be available, who are in difficult time and need help.

Those who want to help will be asked to register themselves. They will will be provided with the details of the needy people. Those willing to donate will be collected on one platform to avoid duplication.

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  1. we hope alot from Great IK,.Insha Allah difficult times will be over,@we should seek help from Allah.

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