PM Khan urges people to wear masks to avoid coronavirus second wave

Prime Minister Imran Khan showed concern over a second wave of coronavirus in Pakistan during the coming winter months and urged everyone to take precautionary measures and wear masks in public.

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PM Khan urges people to wear masks to avoid coronavirus second wave.

The premier took to Twitter where he pointed out that Pakistan has been spared from the worst effects of COVID-19 compared to other countries and thanked God for sparing our nation.

He further talked about fears of a second wave of coronavirus in the coming winter months and urged the public to follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) and wear masks in public as to avoid in spike in number of cases.

He emphasized that offices and educational institutions especially need to ensure proper implementation of precautionary measures and that masks are worn by everyone.

Coronavirus cases have been a slight surge in the country recently especially in Sindh where micro smart lockdowns are being implemented in different areas of Karachi.

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Educational institutions have also opened across the country in phases last months after closure when coronavirus cases dropped and the government is taking strict actions against any school found in violation of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

However, it is still uncertain whether the coronavirus cases will surge in winter leading to a second wave of the virus in Pakistan but so far health experts say that there is a possibility as viruses tend to survive outside the body for longer when its cold.

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