Rawalpindi man stripped teenage wife, forced her out of home

26 year old Rawalpindi man has been taken into police custody over throwing his teenage wife out of the home, naked, after he had sexually assaulted her. The victim, who is a 14 year old minor, was found stripped and injured by the neighbors, who had provided her clothes and shelter subsequent to the heinous incident.

man stripped wife
Rawalpindi man stripped teenage wife, forced her out of home

Husbands are thought to be the guardians and protectors of women.  However, in this cruel world of crime and criminality, it is the menfolk that need to be feared of the most. Likewise, adding to the monstrous acts of sexual assaults polluting the country, a similar incident took place in the Malik Colony on Girja Road of Rawalpindi, where the 14 years young teenage wife was physically harassed by her husband, who later stripped her and forced the poor soul naked out of the house.

The offender was immediately arrested by local police officials, following a First Information Report (FIR) by the victim’s father. As for the teenage wife, “she has undergone a medical test and we are waiting on a report from the Punjab Forensic Science Agency,” stated the Saddar Police SHO Inspector Malikullah Yar.  

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Man sexually assaults teenage wife

Hailing from Rawalpindi, the 24 year old man who stripped his wife was identified as Badshah khan and is a carpenter by profession. As revealed by the victim’s father in his FIR, the offender son-in-law is also his nephew and holds a history of physically attacking and torturing his daughter in past as well.

Moreover, talking about the recent crime, Younus Khan revealed his daughter had been sexually assaulted by Badshah Khan, who tied her to a bed stand. Later, the man stripped his wife naked as he threw her out of the home. The couple had been married for two years, but had moved in recently.

“Since the first day of their wedding, the man had been torturing my daughter and recently he sexually abused her as well,” the father said in the FIR.

“After stripping her naked, he tied up my daughter to a charpoy and threatened her that he would make people see her in this state,” – he added.

“Their neighbors provided clothes to my daughter before she reached my home.”

Furthermore, it was also mentioned that, subsequent to the atrocious incident, the victim teenage wife family was constantly being threatened by her in laws. Hence, Younus requested the police authority to provide them protection.

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