Ready to Meet Paypal CEO : Asad Umar

ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Asad Umar once again expressed his willingness to pave the way for Freelancers in Pakistan, says I am ready to go and meet Paypal CEO why ignoring such big market?

Paypal Online Transaction is not available directly in Pakistan and Pakistan among 30 countries where Paypal Service is not available in 2018.

Asad Umar earlier talked about the Alternate solution of PayPal to introduce in Pakistan and In a recent Interview Finance Minister said I have contacted I.T Minister and Telecom Minister.

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On Spectrum sales “Spectrum sale has been shut down. Only 124 megahertz spectrum has been opened by Pakistan while even Myanmar has a higher number than 400 megahertz. Why are we still sticking to that? This is not a finite resource that could vanish.”

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