In Karachi Charas / Garda available easier than Panadol

The actual origin  of this drug has deep roots in india , Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan, sad reality is today the majority is using smoking charas / Garda. This drug is way dangerous than alcohol because as one gets addicted always crave for more back in 80s and 90s opium ruled but since the dollar went high and no matter United states forces are in Afghanistan but still the production of opium never been stopped shows how strong forces are behind it.

In Pakistan largely known as ” Faakiri Nasha ” you will find the addicts next to Shrines, Grave Yards, backyard of the hospitals specially I am pointing to JPMC Karachi, rest the trend is everywhere.

Charas is the name given to a hashish form of cannabis which is handmade in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal and India. It is made from the resin of the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica). The plant grows wild throughout Northern India, Pakistan and the Himalayas (its putative origin) and is an important cash crop for the local people.

The availability is not a big issue in Karachi the metropolitan city it won’t be difficult to get it from local people you know in respective areas who deal in drugs but surely you will find addicts every corner of the city, Charas / Garda has turned into a trend which people do to escape from reality and enjoy ” Fun ” .

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If you ever been stopped by the police for checking purpose and you are normal cigarette smoker you will surely witness police fellow will sniff the packet  just to know is it loaded with or not ” charas garda mixed ” , at times they even ask in urdu  ” bhari howi tu  nahin “ means cigarette is filled with charas or not, simply call it loaded, Police fellows are expert on face reading, while those who smoking are smart enough to handle such situation its chill  scene in Karachi. Getting Panadol might be difficult but charas name the area and there you go my friend.

So are we accepting and admitting we are dead nation or charas is not haram by religious view or constitutional way not illegal? The only reason why white-collar person won’t talk about it because they know the hands behind are strong enough to wipe him off from the face of this earth.


We shape our society or society shapes us? Who to blame one who’s addicted or the one selling such thing undercover or openly? We get to hear lot about politics but why politicians don’t say NO TO DRUGS majority of supporters is youth isn’t it?

I wasn’t shocked to search the forums and I found the trade business of this drugs is happening easily online as well. Technology is handy and helpful, this means MMS and Internet Forums are perfect ways to place the order.

Its expanding and slow poisoning the roots of this nation, it’s not just the boys or guys but even the girls  smoke as well, considering it as a part of fun to be stoned being “TuN” sadly no news on this neither drug seller gets arrested if unfortunately one does bails out easily how do we accept society to have a better future when the youth is on drugs?

Facts and figures, what causes one to step in and become addict  that’s totally different subject because many reasons behind which are linked with this sad reality but for now I just wanted to point your focus on this when police knows why don’t they do something to prevent it let’s say they are highly involved than my question is to the leaders what have you told to your followers about this ? Why everyone has closed their eyes knowing the facts and the figures. US Troops are in Afghanistan almost since 11 years now, I am just wondering why they hasn’t been able to destroy opium fields there, how difficult it is for the DRONE to bomb the opium field?

There is a department Anti-Narcotics which is fully functional don’t they know the sad reality? they do, not only this but with facts and quantity. This post maybe new for someone who doesn’t know about charas, but the most ignored topic knowing all is charas garda, don’t believe me search on google, you will find indian movie details.

I am highlighting those issues which are destroying the roots, eventually the way its slow poisoning the youth and the society we’ll end up screaming. I know anti-narcotics is doing the best they can to prevent but it is upto the people to help preventing this LAANAT.



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