CDA to Install Smart Traffic Signals in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) to install smart traffic signals in the city.

According to CDA officials In the first phase, the project proposed the installation of 20 smart signals on different roads of the city which would be later replicated on all roads of the Federal Capital.

Sensors based these signals will reduce the need for manual intervention at signals, automatically turning green, red, or yellow-based on the traffic load. The sensors will visually measure the number of vehicles and the wait will be adjusted automatically. This will lessen the need for manual intervention at traffic junctions and commuters will also benefit from reduced wait timings. Installation of smart signals will also come in handy, especially during rain spells.

This decision was taken to ensure smooth traffic flow on the roads and resolve the traffic jams at different junctions particularly at peak hours. Furthermore, 20 display timer signals will be also installed at important and major cross-sections. In addition to this initiative, faulty and dysfunctional signals would be also revamped.

Presently, there are 134 traffic signals installed at different roads of the city which include 30 blinker signals. CDA management has directed the traffic engineering of the Authority to ensure that besides introducing technology-based signals, steps be taken to carry out repair/maintenance of already existing signals.

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Watch the video to know more about How Smart Traffic Signals work?

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