Social media reacts to PUBG ban in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) put a ban on PlayerKnown’s Battleground or PUBG in Pakistan. Although the ban is temporary and the final decision will be made after 9 July, people on social media are not happy with the decision.

PUBG ban Pakistan
Social media reaction on PUBG ban in Pakistan

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is a online multiplayer shooter which has been blamed for two suicides in the country after which Lahore High Court ordered PTA to ban the game.

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Although it is sad what happened, blaming the game is not the right way to go about the issues as there could have been multiple underlying reasons for the suicides but its understandable that parents will blame something to make sense of the tragedy.

PUBG ban Pakistan

Social media has gotten mixed reviews but the majority of people are unhappy with the decision of PUBG ban in Pakistan calling for the game to be unbanned trending the hashtag #PUBGUNBAN and #PUBGBAN sharing their opinion on the matter.

We conducted a pole on Twitter and after almost a thousand votes we can clearly see people aren’t happy with the ban on PUBG. As results clearly show on 7.6 percent of people agreed with the ban whereas 92.4 percent of people want the game to be unbanned. Please take some time to vote on the matter as voting is still active.


Here are some reactions from Twitter:


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  1. We are Youtubers we well upload only pubg videos so we can make money with the help of pubg if PTA ban pubg how we make money if PTA gives money to Youtubers we well agree to ban pubg otherwise unban pubg

  2. Assalam o alikum pubg ko Banne ni karna chahiay bila shubba ye ik galat faisla hai pta ka is pakistan ki nojawan nasal ka bahot nuksan hoga

  3. Plzz do not ban pubg in Pakistan .Gamers should present our country in world with the help of Pubg

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