Two months time to make all the places disabled friendly: CDA

ISLAMABAD: In line with the vision of Prime Minister regarding facilitating the special persons by making all public places disabled friendly, Capital Development Authority (CDA), has given two months time to owners / occupants of public and commercial buildings to complete all such requirements in their respective premises under clause No.4.1.16 of Islamabad Residential Sectors Zoning (Building Control) Regulations – 2005.

In order to ensure safe and easy access to persons with disabilities, immediate measures taken by the CDA to implement the Islamabad Residential Sectors Zoning (Building Control) Regulations – 2005 so that all public places / buildings in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) become to be disabled friendly through provision of necessary infrastructure including ramps, lifts, toilets etc.

Islamabad Residential Sectors Zoning (Building Control) Regulations – 2005 speaks that provision of following facilities for special persons are mandatory in all public and commercial buildings , minimum one toilet in all commercial, public buildings and plots for apartments / flats buildings and such toilet shall be of size which can a accommodate a person on wheel chair. Moreover, toilet shall be equipped with special features. Similarly, minimum one lift in all commercial and public buildings of more than 3 storey and residential apartments / flats of more than 4 storeys and such lift shall be size which can accommodate a wheel chair. .Accordingly regulation further elaborate that ramps from foot path level to entrance of the building for easy accessibility through wheel chair shall be mandatory for all buildings other than dwelling houses.

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Two months time to make all the places disabled friendly: CDA

Capital Development Authority, through public notice advised to all such buildings owners /occupants that these requirements may be completed within 2 months from the date of publication. In case of non compliance strict action under regulations shall be taken against the defaulters. Earlier Building Control Section (BCS) Directorate, CDA had issued instructions to Government offices however, now through public notice the intent to implement this across the board has been communicated.

Building Control Section (BCS) Directorate informed that these instructions are being compiled with in new approvals; however, earlier constructed buildings will have to comply with these instructions as well.

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