Women were Drugged, Assaulted and Sold from Data Darbar

LAHORE: Women are not safe anywhere. Many devotees pay a visit to shrines of renowned religious saints. Men, women of all ages visit these shrines to in order to pay respect to these saints or to pray for good fortune.

But it has come to light that women are being drugged, assaulted and being sold. A woman who managed to be rescued by police has exposed what is going on in the premises of Data Darbar.

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Narrating her story she has said that she went to Data Darbar, Lahore, with her husband and two children (one son and one daughter) to make some prayers.

She said her husband went to the gents portion while she headed for the female portion. She was guided by a woman to the female portion. The female guide went on telling her that she just had been blessed by a grandson, thanks to the prayer she made at the Data Darbar. To celebrate the joy of grandson she gave her a biscuit and some drink. After eating one biscuit and drinking one glass of cold drink she lost her consciousness and does not know what happened. The female guide was trying to take the victim out of the female portion in her unconscious state when the police officer present at the Data Darbar noticed and inquired ” What is wrong with the woman and where are you taking her?”

Women Being Drugged, Assaulted,and Sold from Data Darbar

The lady told the police she is not well and taking her back. The victim than was taken another place, where as per victim there were already other nine girls present.

She went on saying that there were some male members of the gang, who were involved in drugging and then assaulting the girls. After which the nine girls were sold.

She further added that she was given alcohol as well, after consuming it she started to vomit blood.

After seeing her vomit blood the gang member fearing she might die said just sell her off. She was then being taken for medication where she saw a policeman and started shouting for help and thus was recused.


It is nothing new many similar cases have come on the surface in Pakistan. People are being fooled and looted for money, Women are raped and assaulted but still, people fail to learn from the mistakes of others. Devils are everywhere and hiding behind the curtain of religion.

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