Apple releases iOS 13.2.3 update to fix a number of bugs

iOS has had a lot of bugs ever since it first came out and Apple has also managed to release an unusual number of updates for this version of iOS. Now Apple releases iOS 13.2.3 to try and fix many of those bugs. Many of the newer updates have only been bug-fixes and have not introduced new features. This update is no exception to that.

Apple in this update has focused on some of the major bugs that include the Mail, Files and Notes app, specifically the bug that stopped the search function from functioning in these apps. Another bug in the Mail app that stopped new messages from showing up has also been addressed in this update.

Apple releases iOS 13.2.3 update to fix a number of bugs
Apple iOS 13

Another major issue the update has fixed apps running in the background. This latest version of iOS has had issues with apps running in the background. An earlier update by Apple for iOS that forced some apps to close in the background if they were not open on screen has been fixed. Another bug that stopped apps from downloading content in the background has been taken care of as well.

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Also, a bug in the Messages app has been fixed that caused attachments such as photos or links to not show up within texts.

Nobody clearly knows what’s happening at Apple and why so many bugs are coming up in the final release of their software. This time around iOS has had more bugs than ever before and a number of updates that still weren’t able to fix them. Hopefully, Apple took care of all the bugs and issues with this latest version of iOS and users can now enjoy a bug-free experience.

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