Facebook to suggest moderators for groups

The Facebook groups feature in is probably the most used feature and a feature that most people stay on the site for long periods. The social media giant is trying to make it better with improvements being introduced since a year now.

Facebook has been trying to improve it’s group features and have more people using it so it has been trying to make it better in recent months. One of the main focus has been making them more interesting for the user and easier for those who are administrating the group to do their part in managing it.

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups

A feature feature that will be coming to Facebook groups is moderator suggestion. Facebook will start suggesting moderators for the groups that you are in. It is a moderator’s job to maintain order in the group and to look after the users of the group and make sure that people stay on topic for the purpose the group was formed and not post about other irrelevant stuff.

How this feature will work is most probably through the participation of the person that is suggested by Facebook. That might include him posting entirely new threads or even commenting on other threads. Facebook may look at likes or other reactions too to determine whether people are happy with the person or not.

Facebook says that it’s doing this to help the admins of Facebook groups as they hear them say that it’s not easy finding moderators for the job. So Facebook is stepping in to suggest and help with with the picking or recruitment of moderators.

This feature will be available in the admin tools and the admins can invite people suggested to to become moderators or even revoke such invites if the moderator has not already accepted it.

It should be noted that these suggestions will be generated randomly based on a few factors as discussed above and the admin should make the decision wisely about what to do and who to select.

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