Samsung Galaxy S6 Rom for QMobile i9 teaser is here, Couple of bugs reported by Syed Ahmed Ali Shah, INCPak Team member – BUG #1 . Single Sim is working only and #2  the camera is 6 Mega Pixel.

I am sure sir will find a way to fix the bug and as he does, Patch will be updated here meanwhile you can download the Rom and checkout the screenshots.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Rom for QMobile i9

Checkout the screenshots




  1. Download the ROM
  2. Copy it in your phone’s SD card
  3. Reboot into recovery.
  4. Backup your current ROM, Just in case.
  5. Perform a factory reset, and system format.
  6. Select “Install Zip from SDCard”
  7. Select the Zip file of the ROM and flash it.
  8. Reboot system
  9. Enjoy !

 Download Rom


Credits :-

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah            Rom + Screenshots

Farhan Imaan Abro               Post



  1. S6 rom haves a lot of bugs internal and external volume shows 32 gb and cant change the lockscreen wallpaper and status bar doesnt change colour so cant use white background….the status signal wifi disappears….kindly fix this and do reply


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