Samsung might be releasing a phone with a 120hz display

We have all seen major cellphone manufacturers releasing phones with higher refresh rates. The Razer Phone was the first one to boast this feature with its 120hz display way back in 2017 but since then many others including OnePlus, Google and even Oppo have joined in with their phones having displays with a 90hz refresh rate. Samsung may not be far behind.

Samsung upcoming phone could feature a 120hz display

Samsung may be getting in on the action pretty soon. A tech blogger known as Ice Universe has pointed out that new Android 10 beta for Note 9 includes a 120hz refresh option for the display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the first Samsung phone to get Android 10 beta with others waiting in line. It is pretty safe to assume that Samsung might be coming up with a phone that has a high refresh rate otherwise they wouldn’t add this feature in their new update.

Turning this on doesn’t make a difference in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 though as the phone itself does not have the hardware capable of such a high refresh rate.

The phone most likely to get this feature first is the Galaxy S11 coming out in 2020. The phone is also said to have the latest One UI 2, the newest edition of Samsung’s Android skin. Samsung revealed the upcoming update in October and it is said to have a load of new features and changes.

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