Sniper HaxXx knocked down Indian Sites again….

Pakistan is filled with Patriotism, there is no doubt about, when ever enemies tried to mess with Pakistan , not only the Pakistan Army but even the Cyber Warriors retaliated with the courage and passion to teach them a lesson – Sniper HaxXx knocked down several Indian Websites including Government , Educational Institutions and Business Websites, His Motive and message stated below.


As Pakistan told that we will give a massive cyber attack on Indian Cyber Space on 15 August and here is the proof many important domains hacked by Sniper haxXx like Government of Maharashtra sup-domain page hacked and State Level Bankers Committee Madhya Pardesh , F.G collage, and many more :-

Message  from Sniper haxXx to India –

I am Pakistani and will continue my Attacks every every time for Kashmir ! you have occupied our kashmir and we will take it and make you smaller then nepal today you idiots fire on LOC let me tell you who you are You are a nation of no#1 Child Labour in world , The Nation Who Killed his own leader (gandhi) , The nation no#1 on sexual harassment and known as Rapistan , The nation who 70 % bomb tests are failed like navy abdoos :P

I will fight for my country till our victory in Kashmir Operation

Agr Himat ha tu zra Pakistan min aoo – Tumhy nani yaad dila din gy

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