Twitter can’t moderate every coronavirus tweet.

The micro blogging and social media platform Twitter said that it can’t moderate and remove every coronavirus tweet contains incomplete or disputed information about the virus.

Twitter Coronavirus Tweet COVID-19
Twitter says that it is not possible to moderate all coronavirus tweets as their moderation systems have been overwhelmed.

The company made a Tweet saying:

We want to make it clear that we will not be able to take enforcement action on every Tweet that contains incomplete or disputed information about COVID-19.

Twitter went on to say that the coronavirus has affected their moderation capacities and Twitter is focusing more on content that can cause physical harm.

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There has been a surge of fake accounts on social media platforms including Twitter ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

According to the company, government accounts will be allowed to discuss about COVID-19 unless the content of their tweets leads to “harmful physical action”.

The Tweet said:

Official government accounts engaging in conversation about the origins of the virus and global public conversation about potential emergent treatments will be permitted, unless the content contains clear incitement to take a harmful physical action.

In one of their Tweets, the company also said that they will focus more on content that contradicts expert opinions, encourage people to take fake treatments and spreads misleading information as being forwarded from an official source.

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