YouTube To Remove Video Annotation On Jan 15, 2019

Google has announced to end Youtube Annotations from the website on January 15, 2019. The reason being a drop in the number of people viewing the annotations in the video.

Annotations only work on desktop, since there is shiftand 70% of the viewer ship comes from the mobile and there is constant increasein the number. The increase in mobile use has caused the reach of theseannotations to drop drastically.

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In 2017 Annotations Editor was removed, soon they willstop showing annotations on older videos and will be removed from Creator Studio Classic.

Annotations are the pop-ups that allow adding text, notes and links to videos to share information. These were only available to viewers on laptop or desktop. This feature was removed in 2017 and now the annotationswill be removed from the older videos as well.

YouTube has suggested on what to use instead:

Use tools like cards and end screens to make your videos more interactive. End screens are already available in YouTube Studio Beta and cards will be soon! You can also pin a comment to the top of the comment feed or use the video description to call out corrects or other information. 

You can learn more at You Tube Help Forum

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