Coronavirus: Spain reports 838 deaths overnight, toll rises to 6528

Spain reports over 838 deaths from the novel coronavirus overnight bringing the nation’s death toll to 6,528 which is the highest ever recorded in the country.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Spain surged to 78,797 which was a rise of over 6,000 cases in a single day.

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Spain reports 838 coronavirus deaths overnight bringing the total to 6,528.

However, Italy has experienced the worst of the COVID-19 virus with over 10,000 deaths with 92,472 confirmed cases making it the country with the highest number of deaths in the world and the nation of experience a death toll of 969 in a single day which was reported two days ago.

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United States however has the most number of coronavirus infections with over 123.500 cases and a death toll of 2,229 and these numbers are rising fast for the country with New York state being the most affected from the virus.

The youngest victim of the COVID-19 virus has been a 16 year old girl from Paris who passed away earlier this week at the Necker Children’s Hospital.

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