Cyclone Idai hits Zimbabwe, 31 dead Many Missing

ZIMBABWE: After causing widespread destruction to Mozambique and Malawi, Cyclone Idai hits Zimbabwe. At least 31 people are dead and dozens missing.

Heavy flooding have destroyed homes, schools, police stations, businesses, and hospitals.

Roads have been washed away by heavy flood water. Thousands are homeless.

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Ministry of Information has tweeted “We have lost 31 Zimbabweans to cyclone Idai.”

They have also informed that many people are being swept away by the flood.

The flood has caused heavy losses and damaged infrastructure.

The Ministry of Information has also informed that the hardest hit was in Chimanimani where most loss of life happened.

They have also informed that over a hundred houses were damaged by mud-falls and rockfalls. The other hard hit was the Rusitu Valley Community. Residents suffered due to its topography.

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President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has expressed his great grief and concern for all those affected by the Cyclone Idai. He has assured that the rescue operations are under way.

He has also thanked and expressed his gratitude for the bravely of the men and women of the Zimbabwean armed forces.

he has also thanked their local and international partners who are participating in the rescue mission.

Videos are being shared from Zimbabwe on social media. The videos show extreme flooding, dilapidated homes, stuck vehicles and people fleeing for safety.

Tanganda Tea Estate , Eastern Highlands Zimbabwe

The video shared on social media shows how a woman is being swept away by the flood water. It also show a brave woman helping her out.

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UNOCHA has appealed for donations. They have tweeted
UN teams have arrived on the ground in Beira where CycloneIdai has left a trail of devastation, cutting off electricity and communications, destroying homes, medical facilities and crops.

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Jacob Mafume, the spokesman for Zimbabwe’s main opposition Movement for Democratic Change party, has said there is a serious humanitarian crisis unfolding in eastern Zimbabwe districts. He has tweeted:

Serious humanitarian crisis unfolding in Chimanimani Chipinge most of our structures comms are down. We need state intervention on a massive scale to avoid biblical disaster, homes bridges being washed away lives in danger

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