Russian Instagram Influencer Ekaterina Found Dead in Suitcase

MOSCOW: A very well known Russian Instagram Influencer Ekaterina Karaglanova is found dead in a suitcase with a slit throat in her Moscow apartment.

Ekaterina Karaglanova, 24, had failed to contact the family for several days which raised a concern, her family told the reporters.

She had recently graduated as a doctor and had more than 85,000 Instagram followers.

The prime suspect in the brutal murder of the blogger is her boyfriend who has already managed to leave Russia as reported by  Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Ekaterina lived in a rented apartment which was used as a meeting place, she had her own traveling blog.

The Russian daily Moskovsky Komsomolets (MK) has also reported the twenty-four-year-old had just started a new relationship. To celebrate her birthday on 28 July, both had booked tickets to the Netherlands. She would have turned 25 on July 30.

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According to MK, her previous boyfriend whom she met constantly was fully providing for her. She broke up with him and started a new relationship with one of her fan who was much older than her previous boyfriend.

Jealousy Main Motive

The police are now investigating and believe jealousy is the main motive. Besides these two men, Ekaterina Karaglanova also had many more boyfriends.

Her mother began to worry as the blogger had not contacted the family and requested the landlord to check up on her.

The landlord was in a shock when they opened the front door. They found a large suitcase in the hallway. They saw Catherine’s bare legs hanging out of the suitcase. There were also stab wounds on the neck and the chest.

The tragedy occurred on last Friday. There was nothing else in the suitcase apart from the body.

Catherine probably had to do her packing in that suitcase for her trip ahead.

The police did not find any sign of struggle, violence nor the weapon used in the murder.

The footage from the CCTV camera showed her ex-boyfriend coming into the apartment and leaving after a few hours.

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