Chinese Vlogger Dies Eating Poisonous Centipedes, Geckos

CHINA: A Chinese vlogger know by the name Sun dies after eating poisonous centipedes and geckos alive. He was live streaming for the sick challenge.

The thirty-five-year-old was a host on DouYu, was found dead on Saturday in his flat after the stunt.

DouYu is one of China’s largest live streaming platform. According to local news, The Chine Vloggler Sun had 15,000 followers and he live-streamed every night.

To increase the subscriber he had created a wheel marked with items. He would spin the wheel and whatever the wheel landed on.

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The items on the wheel included centipedes, geckos, mealworms, vinegar, eggs, beer and a clear distilled liquor called baijiu.

According to reports, he was found lifeless by his girlfriend at his flat in the eastern city of Hefei when she went to check on him.

His last stunt was on Thursday 18 July at 7.53 pm. He had been live-streaming himself eating poisonous centipedes and geckos.

The police confirmed, he was found unconscious without any vital signs in his room.

They also found items of foods on his desk with his computer still on live mode.

Sun’s videos have been removed from DouYu.

The Chinese vlogger had also been filming himself eating mealworms and drinking a lot of alcohol for the platform.

The police have ruled out any foul play but are investigating the cause of Sun’s death.

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Live-Streaming Hugely Popular in China

According to a report by China National Radio, there are as many as 435 million users. Many have become millionaires by their online fame. They simply film them doing their everyday routine work, like singing, eating, dancing, etc.

But some perform dangerous stunts to stand out from the crowd.

There are about a hundred live-stream platforms in China.

In May a Chinese woman had attempted on eating octopus alive. She had ended up damaging her face when the octopus retaliated and attacked her back.

Her stunt can be seen here

Woman tries to eat octopus alive, gets attacked back

Many accidents and fatalities have been reported, when people try to attempt such stunts.

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