Five Mosques Attacked in Birmingham

ENGLAND: Five Mosques have been attacked in Birmingham over a night.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has called the string of violent attack as:

Deeply concerning & distressing to see a number of mosques have been vandalized in Birmingham overnight. @WMPolice are investigating motive but let me be clear – hateful behavior has absolutely no place in our society & will never be accepted

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The windows of the Five Birmingham Mosques were reportedly shattered by a sledgehammer. The Counter-terrorism officers are investigating the attacks. 

The attacks are being treated as linked but the motive has not been established as yet.

A spokesperson for Witton Islamic Centre on Witton Road and also in Aston said CCTV captures footage of a man smashing windows at about 01:30.

John Cotton, Labour Cllr for Glebe Farm & Tile Cross.  has tweeted:

Appalled to see that Birmingham mosques have been the target of vandalism and violence overnight. I’m working with @WMPolice & @BhamCityCouncil to ensure we find those responsible & support our Muslim communities. These thugs do not speak for Birmingham & will not divide us.

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Slade Road Mosque in Erdington

Labour party Councillor, Cllr Majid Mahmood, has tweeted the video clip of the Slade Road mosque. The Mosque was attacked at night.

Albert Road Mosque (Jamia Masjid Ghousia)

Albert Road mosque (Jamia Masjid Ghousia) located at the Aston part of
Birmingham. Disturbing sighted of the mosque windows shattered as visible in the clip.

Witton Road Islamic Center

Witton Road Islamic Center was also attacked by the sledgehammer.

Clean up after the attack on Witton Road Islamic Centre in Brum this morning.

Police have said the reports of an attack on Birchfield Road were received at 02:30 GMT, police said.

About 45 minutes later, similar attack alerts were received for Erdington with more in Aston and Perry Barr. Another on Albert Road was struck at 10:00 GMT.


The Muslim community fears there may be more similar attack.

Yousef Zaman, chairman of Masjid Faizul Islam mosque in Aston has said he was shocked when he heard of the attacks.

He also said fear prevails in the Muslim Community. They are afraid of sending their children to the mosques, they fear it is not safe. They will not send the children to the mosques today but they will not stop praying and going to the mosques. They are determined to win the haters.

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The attack on Five Birmingham Mosque is reported just a few days after the Christchurch Mosque Shooting. Fifty Muslim worshipers were martyred in New Zealand during Friday prayers.

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