France attack: Three stabbed to death at Church in Nice

FRANCE: Three people have been stabbed to death inside Notre Dame Church in Nice. The France attack in Nice which occurred shortly after the beheading of a French school teacher has further inflamed the tensions in the country.

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi has confirmed the arrest of the suspect. He was shot and detained shortly after the stabbing incident. The attacker is said to be alive and taken to the hospital.

France attack: Three stabbed to death in Church in Nice

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Estrosi said the there had been a terror attack at the heart of the Notre-Dame basilica. The suspect repeated Allahu Akbar endlessly.

The suspect is said to have entered the church with a knife in the southern city of Nice early on Thursday. Three people have been killed.

About The Victims

Among the three dead two were attacked inside the church. According to reports an elderly woman and a man were found with their throats cut.

The third victim was also a woman who managed to flee to a nearby cafe. She was also stabbed several times but also died later on.

The man killed inside the church is believed to be the church warden.

France attack: Security Alert in France

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Security Alert in France

After the France attack incident in Nice the Prime Minister Jean Castex has raised security alert to its highest level.

The officials in Nice have described the attack as Islamist terrorism. The attack in Nice was not the only incident reported, two more similar incidents were reported.

Police killed a man waving a handgun and threatening passersby in Montfavet, near the southern French city of Avignon. He was also heard shouting Allahu Akbar.

The other incident was reported in Saudi Arabia. A guard outside the French consulate in Jeddah was also attacked. The suspect was immediately arrested and the injured guard was taken to hospital.

Reactions on France Attack

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, tweeting in English and French, said

I am appalled to hear the news from Nice this morning of a barbaric attack at the Notre-Dame Basilica. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families, and the UK stands steadfastly with France against terror and intolerance.

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The French Council for the Muslims have strongly condemned the attack. The celebrations of the Mawlid (Birth of Holy Prophet) has been called off as a sign of morning and solidarity with the victims and their loved ones.

Egypt’s al-Azhar, has also strongly condemned the attack and warned against violent and hate speech.

The Russian government said on Thursday it was unacceptable to kill people, but also wrong to insult the feelings of religious believers.

Shireen Mazari wrote “Strongly condemn attack on worshippers inside the Notre-Dame Basilica in Nice, France in which 3 people were killed. As a Muslim I cannot condone the taking of any innocent life. This is not what our faith teaches us.”

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