Ice rink turned into a morgue in Spain as coronavirus death rises

MADRID: An ice rink in Madrid, Spain is turned into a makeshift morgue as the coronavirus deaths spike up to 2,696.

Spain is now using an ice rink inside a Madrid shopping mall as a makeshift morgue on Monday.

The ice rink at the Ice Palace (Palacio de Hielo) which can hold up to 1,800 skaters will be used as a morgue as the coronavirus deaths spiked up to 2,696.

So far the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Spain has reached 39,673 with only 3,794 recoveries.

The Madrid city hall on Monday announced that 14 of the city’s public cemeteries will no more accept the bodies of coronavirus affectees. The announcement was made as the staff did not have enough protective gear.

Security forces were guarding the complex as the funeral service vans arrived and entered the underground car parking area. The vans were driven by workers wearing protective gear as they brought the bodies of COVID-19 patients.

Spain is ranked fourth in the world with a number of COVID-19 confirm cases after China, Ital, and the US. The country has the third-highest deaths.

Madrid is one of the hardest hit among the 17 regions of Spain. Madrid alone have 1,300 CVID-19 deaths, which is approximately half the total national deaths.

The president of the Madrid region, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, lask week had given a statement that 80% population of the city is expected to get Covid-19.

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Spain on Lockdown

Spain is on lockdown since March 13. The initial lockdown period was for fifteen days but Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has said the state of emergency could extended further 14 days.

Hotels turned to hospitals

Spain has converted its two hotels into hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients. Five more hotels will be converted into hospitals.

Madrid’s hotel association has offered 40 of its building to be used as hospitals

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