Iranian woman praised for fighting back man harasser for hijab

IRAN: Iranian woman is being praised on social media for fighting back a man harasser for her hijab.

The Iranian woman is seen being physically harassed by a man on broad daylight in the streets of Iran.

The video circulating shows a woman who is apparently properly covered with her hijab is walking down the street while talking on the phone.

A man who is seen walking past her pointing and passing some comment.

The lady ignoring his comments walks on minding her own business.

The man harasser is seen turning back to follow her.

He is seen deliberately walking to close almost touching her. After a few seconds, he pushes her and kicks her forcing her to fall down on the road.

The fight carries on and both are seen engaged in a fight, the man harasser keeps hitting her.

The Iranian woman is seen getting back on her feet and starts fighting back.

The brave lady can bee now is seen kicking back the harasser.

The worst scenario that can be noticed is there are other men present on the streets, who do not bother to intervene and protect the woman.

The brave lady fights her own fight on the street all by her self.

The Iranian woman however is seen fight back and drive away from the harasser.

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Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist and activist who shared the video also posted on social media that she spoke to the 42-year-old woman, who informed that she went to the police station to file a complaint.

She also said the authorities refused to arrest the man harasser because the lady only sustained internal injuries and the man (harasser) said he was voluntarily enforcing morality codes.

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Iranian woman praised for her bravery

The woman is, however, being praised for her bravery on social media.

She is also being called tigress who fought back.

People on social media are shocked and confused as she is seen all decent and covered.

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