Iraq Ferry Sinking Death Toll Rises To 71

IRAQ: Official have reported Iraq Ferry sinking has raised death toll to 71. Mostly women and children were killed by drowning.

The Iraq ferry was loaded with tourist celebrating Nowruz holiday.

The spokesperson for interior ministry Major General Saad Maan has said seventy-one people were killed. The ferry was carrying families celebrating the Nowruz holiday flipped over the Tigris river near the Iraqi city of Mosul.

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The ferry that was carrying over a hundred people, most of them could not swim, civil defense authority reported.

The Iraqi media has reported as many as 170 people were on the ferry. The local media has also reported that 10 ambulances have been sent to Mosul.

The ferry was on its way to Umm Rabaen island, a tourist area about 4km (2.5 miles) upstream.

Images and video clips of the distressing situation are being shared on social media.

Overturned ferry and people swimming furiously. Screams of people are also heard, many jumping in the river to rescue the drowning people.

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Hussam Khalil, head of the Civil Defense has said ferry sunk due to a technical problem.

Iraqi Human Rights Observatory  has quoted the civil defense officials saying thirty more people are missing.

Mosul Eye has tweeted for urgent appeal to the people to help with the rescue.

An urgent appeal to the people of the Old City and close to the banks of the Tigris River to go immediately to the river bank to save the Gharqa especially at the fifth Bridge and the old bridge

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They have also tweeted a call on all motorist to keep the roads open for the ambulances transporting the victims.

Call on all motorists to open roads and temporarily stop their vehicles to allow the passage of ambulances transporting victims. Please the car owners to open the roads and pause.

The authorities had issued a warning to the people of the rising water level because the gates of Mosul dam had been opened.

The people, however, are putting the blame on the ship operator of ignoring the advice.

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