A Teenager pulled into a meat mixer in a sausage-making factory

The Philippines: The Teenager Joemar Jungco, was crushed by meat mixer and died as he was pulled into the machine in a sausage-making factory in the Philippines.

Joemar Jungco, 18, was found by the morning shift workers with only his legs sticking out.

The incident occurred in the city of Iloilo on June 22 at around 7.30 am, according to reports. The emergency services arrived at 9 a.m.

Joemar Jungco had just started working in the sausage-making factory two weeks earlier. The police also said he was not assigned to the machine as yet.

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The machine that pulled him in was used in the production of spicy chorizo.

It is believed Joemar Jungco was trying to reach something inside the machine and no foul play is suspected.

Corporal Jennifer Espora said, they asked the factory owner and the other staff and they confirmed he was alone at the time of the incident when the accident took place. She also said he was probably curious about the machines and went checking other stations.

Carl David Carlos, Jungco’s colleague said he probably put his hand too near the blades while it was switched on.

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Joemar Jungco With His Legs Sticking out From The Meat Mixer

According to reports the machine was switched on at the time and continued to drag Jungco inside after he first caught his right arm.

The machine stopped when his body was half way inside. His body was removed after completely turning the machine off.

Joemar Jungco body was removed intact after technicians partly dismembered the machine.

The autopsy report is awaited to determine the exact cause of death. The owner of the factory has said Jungco was very hardworking and had been instructed and warned not to put his hand in the machine.

The factory owner has agreed to pay for the burial expenses.

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